In the Next Life

In the Next Life by Louis A. Merrimac

A speculative story in retrospective form, by Louis Merrimac

A post-apocalyptic story about reproducing robots, humans inside the robots, and humans outside the robots, written in rhyming verse. Includes a musical version of the first canto.

If a giant robot exists only for the benefit of humans who live inside it, and it instinctively does what’s best for them, is it truly self-directed? Is a pretend religion better than no religion at all? Do parallel story lines ever meet? Whose side is the hypotenuse on, anyway? Where should you report a long-term depreciable asset sold at a gain? Why did the world end in 1998 and not in a year divisible by 1000? You won’t find the answers here, but you might find some better questions.

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About the Authors

Louis A. Merrimac

Louis A. Merrimac was born back East somewhere a long time ago. He doesn’t look much like this picture, but he is due for a haircut. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please contact the publisher in case we ever have royalties for him.

Jeff Grund

Jeff Grund is a retired tax analyst from South Central Michigan. He currently lives near Berkeley, CA with his life partner Vallery and their three cats. The music he writes bears little resemblance to the sea chanteys he likes to sing.